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Course Home

Welcome to Introduction to Open Education!

This website supports the Fall 2016 offering of Introduction to Open Education as taught at Brigham Young University. And because it’s published openly, it also contains all the information you need to participate informally in the class. You can read the readings, watch the videos, create and share the artifacts, and participate in the course discussions on Twitter, blogs, and elsewhere. I hope you’ll join us and become part of a vibrant community of people learning and making about open education!

To get started, use the links on the top right to read the Course Philosophy, How the Course Works, Course Technologies, and the Course Narrative.

By the time you finish this course, you will among other things:

  • be familiar with the main ideas of open education,
  • understand the key problems open education attempts to solve and the progress made to date on solving those problems,
  • gain a working knowledge of open licensing,
  • recognize the synergies between open education and related fields like open access, open data, and open source software,
  • leverage the affordances of openness in the service of new pedagogies,
  • think critically and effectively about the issues preventing open education from having a broader impact, and
  • contribute to the solution of these issues.

The beautiful header photo above is Day 321 by Stephen Rahn, licensed CC BY NC. Please note that informal participants are not able to receive any formal recognition from BYU.