How do we prepare for the IPT 531 weekly discussion?

We will spend time with each group of readings according to your interests, moving more quickly through some sections and lingering in others. This list of readings will likely change – in some cases substantively – based on your interests. Please check the list frequently.

Section I. Foundations

What is Open?

  • Education is Sharing (from TEDxNYED)
  • Wiley, D. (2016). Foreword: Openness as a Value. In Blessinger, P. & Bliss, TJ (Eds.), Open Education: International Perspectives in Higher Education. Cambridge, UK: OpenBook Publishers.
  • Wiley, D. & Green, C. (2012). “Why Openness in Education?” In Oblinger, D. (Ed). Game Changers: Education and Information Technologies, p 81-90. EDUCAUSE.

How Open Licenses Became Necessary

Creative Commons – Hacking the System to Make Sharing Legal and Easy

Open Educational Resources

Sampling the Empirical Research on the Impacts of OER Adoption

OER and Social Justice

Section II. What OER Uniquely Enables

OER-Enabled Pedagogy

Continuous Improvement and OER

Section III. Moving Forward


Competing Priorities

Evaluating Impact